Год выпуска: 2003
Продолжительность: 100 минут
Категория: Другое кино
Качество записи: DVD
Цена: 178 руб.

Already previewed in the press to critical acclaim, Private Cafe represents a whole new concept in adult entertainment. The worlds first X-rated soap opera. A scorching hot tale with all the necessary ingredients, and of course much, much more scorching sexual intrigue than the average TV soap. Introducing the blistering Sugar Babe in her first ever hardcore role, Spanish director Xavi Dominguez has pulled out all the stops to make these six sizzling scenes an action packed orgy with 11 gorgeous girls including Sophie Evans, Sandra Russo and some sizzling new Spanish talent all with pussies well stuffed and indulging in the most awesome anal and oral action. Shot entirely on location on the Spanish coast and in Cannes, Private Cafe is, as its "soap" label suggests, jam packed with all the intrigue that you would expect, there is infidelity, murder, glamour, and lots of red hot sex. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" goes the saying, and it would be hard to imagine anyone fucking more furiously than the oh-so-sweet Sugar Babe.

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